• I've finally written up how I've added webmentions to my blog 🙌

  • @Gabz thanks for the tip!

  • @Burk your theme reminds me of the Dracula theme

  • @Gabz Wow you can take screenshots in Carplay?

  • @mjdescy I recently started using NextDNS for blocking ads, trackers, etc, and it’s been working really well. I’v used Adguard and Pihole in the past, but likewise don’t want the hassle of self-hosting, because when it breaks everything goes down!

  • @hollyhoneychurch that sounds amazing! Just have to find somewhere that sells it 🍒

  • @Dani 👋

  • @manton Ah that's okay, I'm sure I can work that out. From memory it's roughly including the URL and then using something like telegraph (or curl) to send a web mention

  • @manton I'll give it a go, thank you!

    Presumably I'll have to @-mention the entire URL? e.g. @www.manton.org/some/post?

  • @h last time I did this I had a huge headache by the afternoon 😅

  • @manton sorry if this is in the knowledge base already, I just had a look and couldn’t find anything specific: is it possible for a post (not a reply) on here to send a webmention to an externally hosted blog?

  • @Gabz I still haven’t played the first one, but I’ve been meaning to borrow it from a friend (or just buy it given how cheap PS4 games are)

  • @Gabz These look so great!

  • @MrHenko Test!

  • @manton Looks like those invalid ones are all pages that explicitly don't have publication dates.

    I've updated the RSS feed just to posts, and it works! https://micro.blog/conversation.js?format=jsonfeed&url=https://hugo.md/post/blog-theme-changes/

  • @SteveSawczyn I think there’s a nice middle ground of doing long form posts on your blog, and using microblog for smaller posts

    I’ve seen some people mirror but not distribute their micro posts to their blog, distributing it via a different RSS feed, which seems to work well!

    Another option is setting up a cron job to pull from here onto your selfhosted blog

  • @manton thanks for that, I’ll take a look!

  • @manton I’ll let you know how I go!

    Actually that reminds me, I’ve been trying to import my blog feed for my account, but it doesn’t seem to have imported any? I think I’m missing something, perhaps it’s hiding them from the feed

  • @manton Oh awesome, thanks! To clarify, does the URL provided to conversation.js have to be hosted on micro.blog? I understand this would work for micro.hu.md or h.micro.blog as they're hosted here, but would it still work for hugo.md, which is externally hosted?

    Sorry if I'm asking silly questions!

  • @manton Can I use micro.blog instead of webmentions.io on my self hosted blog?

  • @verumsolum welcome! 👋

  • @Burk They look great!

  • @Gabz Dead cells is so good!

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